Friday, August 21, 2009

Keepin' The Stink Away

In the past I have blogged about the Penguin Fresh Twist Shoe Deodorizer, but this time I am happy to report that I personally tested the product to see what it was all about.

With summer months comes stinky running shoes for obvious reasons. Lately my shoes have been so bad I have been taking a hose to them to clean them out a little. This week, I rinsed my shoes, placed a Penguin Fresh Twist Shoe Deodorizer inside each shoe (the deodorizers are sold in a pack of two), and then left the deodorizers in all day. I went with the Citrus scent. I have to admit they smell very similar to car deodorizers but for a musty shoe the scent is NOT too strong.

At the end of the day when it was time to check on my shoes I was pleasantly surprised that they smelled half way decent, though there was a slight hint of funky scent, it was 90% better. The best thing about them is that after every run I place the deodorizers in my shoes and I have noticed additional improvement since the first use. So, I give the Penguin Fresh Twist Shoe Deodorizer two thumbs up! We have them available at Jack & Adam's.

The shop received a few new items this past week. A particular one I think many male triathletes will be happy about is the new arrival of Desoto's 2010 Forza Tri Short. It is very similar to this year's version except they scaled back on the band of material towards the knee and changed the color from white to black. Unfortunately, I could not get a photo of the 2010 shorts...they are that new!

Another new arrival is brought to you by e Load. They have come out with a carbohydrate specific training/racing fuel, known as FLY. Currently available in unflavored, the FLY is similar to Carbo Pro in that it replenishes carbohydrates for the long training sessions or long races. Please click on the e Load link for additional information on e Load Fly

The shop also has some great products on sale this week. Currently all Rudy Project sunglasses are now 50% off while supplies last (please note all clearance sales are final.) We also have the Neat Seat Cover on sale 40% off for Purple colored covers. The Neat Seat is a great way to maintain your car by keeping the carseats clean. Finally, the Gatorade Endurance SINGLE serve packets are available at 50% off while supplies last.

Stop in and see what we have! Happy training and stay cool!




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