Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shop ride Sundays: We are back...

Well mostly.

Lance Armstrong has announced he is going to start racing Ironman and Ironman 70.3 which means we need to up our game, so it's time to get back into regular riding.

Big thanks to Tammy from Tempo Multisport, Zac, Hugo, James, Elizabeth and Kelly for keeping the ride going over the last couple of months. We'll be getting together as ride leaders soon and will agree a schedule with our rides and some of the bigger rides, as well as accommodating the High Five 2012 Texas Tri Series.

This Sunday, 12th, we are heading North West. Tammy has already posted the intermediate route. Zac is out this week, Kelley is taking time off from the shop ride. So this Sunday I'll be riding with the intermediate group. Unless someone wants to step forward to lead the Advanced ride, we'll all go out together, with a leader and one or two ride leaders following-up. The ride is 25-miles with some climbs, a good place to start your 2012 ride season.

As always the no-drop ride will 10-miles out and 10-miles back, this Sunday will go north on Shoal Creek. No-drop means no-drop. The ride waits when crossing a traffic signal or making a turn so that everyone rides together. You are welcome to always ride with the no-drop group, but a good target is 8-10 weeks, and then move up to the intermediate group. See y'all Sunday - ++Mark.


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Marv said...

"no drop" ride. I could handle that. Wish I were close enough to go with you guys. Sounds like fun and a fun group.