Thursday, February 16, 2012

Felt Beach Cruisers & Beach Volleyball!

It's J&A's mission to keep Austin active and fit and that's why we are sponsoring the Texas Volleyball Tour. Local pro beach volleyball player Tim Wooliver will be hosting beach volleyball tournaments for all levels in Austin & San Antonio starting in March and running through August.
Division Descriptions
Open: Top level pro players
BB: Solid skills, but still learning
Coed Recreational 6s: Basic understanding of the game & just out to have a good time!! (That's us!)
They will be awarding Felt Beach Cruisers to the top male & female point leaders in their BB Tour.
1st Place Men's Point Leader wins the El Guapo Felt Cruiser!
1st Place Women's Point Leader wins the Slant Felt Cruiser!
J&A is putting together an unstoppable coed 6 man team! Who's up for the challenge?!
Visit for more information!


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