Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Want a Free Massage?

Participate in a focus group!

You are invited to try a new product, Recovery Pump™, a sports massage system designed for the professional and amateur athlete.

As part of the focus group, you will set up the massage system by following simple instructions for use, and then participate in a treatment session of 30 minutes. After treatment, you will complete a short questionnaire. You will evaluate how easy the system was to use (easy to difficult) and how clear the instructions were. The whole session should take around 35- 40 minutes to complete.

Participants will not be compensated or paid for their participation; however, we will serve refreshments and hope that you will enjoy the opportunity to try Recovery Pump™ and give your opinion on this exciting new system as well as get a relaxing massage.

Who can participate: Healthy individuals above the age of 18. You should not have any illnesses or conditions which would prohibit massage treatment with Recovery Pump™, including: blood clots, heart disease, circulatory disease, skin rashes, redness, swelling, numbness or pain.

WHEN: Friday, July 22
TIME: 7:30PM (before the Tour Party)
WHERE: Jack & Adam's Bicycles


Hillary Hanson
512 560 4485



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