Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Going down airport way

Just a reminder that we'll be going south East on Sunday. It's a slightly longer ride for the Advanced group, please bring enough fluids although we will make a stop. Here is the route for the Advanced Ride, Intermediate will be a subset of this.

We'll try to get the Intermediate-fast group with the Advanced group out of town together, to keep people together for safety and to pace the rides more evenly. Feel free to try to keep up, if you can, stop and wait, the Intermediate group will be along to pick-you-up. No drop is scheduled to do Shoal creek.

As always we have a few simple rules. Absolutely no MP3, cellphone headsets in, we all need you to hear and react, the guys in the tour peleton might be able to manage one earphone, but look at the mess they've made this week, and they are pro's; no on aero-bars in the middle of the pack, use your base bars, or get out front and take a long pull; call out road defects, traffic problems etc. and finally, try not to overlap wheels.

There are just a few short hills on the way out of town, and again on the way back, otherwise this should be a fast ride. Vive le tour!

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Rich said...

some feedback--- last sunday (7/31) the advanced group left a few minutes early (8:27?) --- no biggee, but I was running late (8:30) and missed the start and didn't know which route to head down. It would be great if the routes were always called out on the blog--- nothing fancy, "we're doing Lost Creek", etc, so we have a chance to catch up/rejoin.

thanks always for hosting a great and safe ride!