Friday, May 13, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: finally, the schedule!

The manic early season cycling pace has finally subsided, and ironically after a year where so far only 2-rides got cancelled due to the wether, when the shop ride team got together at the Flying Saucer Tuesday to plan out rides over a few pints, we got rained on.

Attached is the schedule through the end of July for the shop rides. We reserve the right to make changes or cancel based on the weather, your safety and ride leader aka "the escorts" availability. We've tried to mix up the rides and match-up with the always popular Texas Tri Series, High Five events and Jack and Adams races.

As always, we'll try to provide leaders for all groups, except where noted. We are currently working on the belief that we'll provide an Advanced group that goes variable speed(18mph and faster) over distances of up to 50-miles; Intermediate fast group(16-18mph) to help people bridge up to future advanced rides; Intermediate(13-15mph) steady paced ride, for those wishing to move up from the no-drop; and Jack's "famous" No-Drop ride.

The no-drop is always 10-miles out, 10-miles back and mostly covers the same 3x routes, South, East, Steiner Steakhouse; the Tempo Multisport Intermediate ride is as best we can 1-hour out, 1-hour back; the Intermediate fast group covers the same ride as the Intermediate and starts with them but can go at a faster pace.

PLEASE NOTE: June 19th, July 10th are NO DROP ONLY ride days.


15th Ride: East(all)
22nd Ride: Steiner Ranch Steakhouse
29th Ride: Long South East(inc. Paceline); No-Drop(South)

5th Ride: Advanced, Intermediate North West; No-Drop Shoal Creek
12th Ride: All south - rides to be followed by Transition clinic in Butler Park!
19th Ride: No-Drop Only!
26th Steiner Ranch Steakhouse

3rd Ride: East(All)
10th Ride: No-Drop Only
17th Ride: Long South East + No-Drop to Shoal Creek.
24th Ride: Steiner Ranch Steakhouse
31st Ride: Creedmore, No-Drop South

Remember our simple rules.

Absolutely no headphones, MP3, phones etc.
Don't overlap wheels when riding in any pack or formation
Call out any traffic or road, or other safety concerns
Aero bars are only to be used if you are riding alone, or in the front. Someone's got to lead, why not you!

Sundays East ride will be a long one for the advanced group, bring plenty of water!


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