Friday, December 3, 2010

Shop ride Sundays - Whats going on?

A few updates for December on the shop ride. We had yet another great turnout last week for the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse ride, and so we be holding the shop Christmas Ride up there on 12/19. They'll be free brunch for those with the best bike, helmet and clothing decorations!

For this Sunday, if the weather holds, it will be a glorious sunny, if not cool morning for a ride, predictions are on 48f - We'll have the shop no-drop ride, that will go South for the usual route, 20-miles total.

We'd like to offer a longer ride this week for everyone else, and we may or may not split into intermediate lead by Tammy and Tempo Multisport, and Advanced with Zac. What we thinking would be good would be to take an easy ride out South East once clear of town, do one, two or three paceline groups, based on who shows up. We'll re-group after about 6-miles at a gas station, and then set off back to the shop together, it will give about a 50-mile ride.

So thats the proposal, show up and we will see what folks want to do. There should be enough ride escorts to split into different groups either way.


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