Friday, December 10, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: It's a good day to ride

This weekend we'll be riding as normal, no-drop and the advanced and intermediate. No definitive plans except the no-drop will go South to the high school, I'll be leading that ride again and will happily answer general cycling or triathlon questions while do the ride. Wonder what races to do next year, want to do your first race?? Come along, ride and ask...

As always, the no-drop is 20-miles round-trip, we aim to get finished in around 1-hour 45-mins, sometimes less, often more. The weather will start out high 50's and warm up from there, so wear thin, lightweight layers that you can remove and fold.

SUNDAY 19th it's the Steiner Steak House Christmas Ride.

See the shop website for a full description, bring running shoes, half price brunch and for the rest holiday decorated bike and rider, there is free brunch, drinks not included!

Hey, come out and ride, Sunday is a great day for it!!


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