Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: Taking a laid back approach

At last nights @macconow event a few people asked me what we were doing with the shop rides. Pretty simple really. We still plan to have a no-drop ride EVERY Sunday starting 8:30 and either going south or alternating up the Shoal Creek route.

Thats EVERY Sunday unless we say otherwise here, or if it is raining between 8:15 and at 8:30, in which case we'll declare a no-ride day.

For the other rides, intermediate and advanced we are taking a more laid back approach over the fall and winter months. As many of the ride escorts/leaders will be there every Sunday. Based on the number of riders that show up, we'll have the no-drop and one or more other groups. They'll be at a more base/tempo pace, and may split into those that want to go faster or slower. We won't be publishing routes and just using the rides as a good base and to keep fit.

Since this week is the Dirty Du High Five Events race w/e, we will be just having a no drop ride. Starting at 8:30.

Next Sunday, November 28th will be another in the hugely successful, Steiner Ranch Steakhouse rides. so we will be starting up their at 8:30a.m. prompt. See you there!

I have not cleared it with Jack yet, but how about a Shop Holiday ride on December 19th?? Decorate your bike and/or outfit and we'll see if we can get a prize or two together for the best entries.


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