Sunday, November 7, 2010

Following the J&A Blog by email

I've had a few emails over the summer and an interesting exchange with Allison Peacock organizer of the Austin Cycling Meetup group about tracking the blog via email.

If you use an RSS reader, I've got lots, I use Microsoft Outlook at work and subscribe to a number of tech blogs through that via RSS; I use feedburner to track a number of music blogs via RSS; and then I've subscribed to the BBC, This American Life and number of other podcasts on my Blackberry Torch phone, and I get the shop blog updates there as well. You can use this RSS feed to follow along

So it never occurred to me that people would like to receive the blog updates as email. Hey, the internets do everything, so I went and looked and yes, if you post the RSS feed URL in at and give it your email address, they'll show up. Neat!

How do you follow the blog? Do you use the tags we add to entries? Got any tips to share? ++Mark.



Triman said...

Oh yeah, and if you want to get an RSS feed, or via Blogtrottr an email on just a subset of the posts, so for example the shop rides just use ride

Allison Peacock said...

Thanks for this great information, Mark.

To clarify in our case, we wished to follow the "shop ride" tag. Since the internet abhors a blank space that link should be as follows:

It won't work without the "%20" inserted where you have a space in "shop ride."

When creating tags on websites in the future a "-" or no space at all should be used between words. Or you'll have to remember to add the "%20" that many programs insert by default to any links you share.

Thanks for helping a busy volunteer ride organizer out!