Friday, July 24, 2009

Blue Seventy Element Goggle

The Blue Seventy Element Goggle is back at Jack & Adam's! Blue Seventy came out with more colors ranging from blue frame/yellow lenses to pink frame/mirror lenses and everything in between.

For those Aquasphere goggle lovers, the Kayenne goggle, the Kaiman goggle, and the Seal mask are fully stocked in clear lens and smoke lens options.

Another great item now in stock at Jack & Adam's is the TYR Sayonara Swim Skin. We now have the Sayonara stocked in both the full leg and short leg version men's & women's. The Sayonara Swim Skin is the first swim skin available with the patented Yamamoto Biorubber Mark III fabric; a lightweight super composite skin (SCS) made of Titanium alloy for thermoregulation and a hydrogen-bonded surface to reduce drag and maximize water repellency. In other words: the Sayonara will make you buoyant and fast while still keeping you in compliance with USAT regulations!


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