Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shop ride Sundays: NXNW and rain

This week's ride route is planned for north/north west. You can find the Intermediate route here on mapmyrun, hopefully one day they'll elect to add back in the print on demand feature so I can go back to creating PDF's from all the routes we created.

The ride is a shorter one, Jack's famous no-drop will go up Shoal Creek for a 10-mile out, 10-mile back route and the Advanced group can add hills or go out to 360 etc.

However, at this point it's looking like rain. Remember, if it's raining at 8:30 a.m. ride time we'll cancel, also if it's horribly wet at 8:30 a.m.  but not raining, the ride will be a judgement call. Your safety is paramount, group rides in poor conditions are not the simplest things to organise.  You are welcome to go out in pick-up groups, but we can NOT provide ride leaders, escorts or ambassadors.

Remember though we have a new option. As Tammy will be there this week, and I(Mark), wont, if the ride does get cancelled due to rain, you can go ride up at Flywheel fitness which is a hop, skip and jump down South Lamar(# 2300). You'll either need to bring your trainer and use your bike, bring some run shoes and use their bikes+pedals, or some tools to use their bike and your pedals and Tammy will run a spin class indoors. I've done Tammys' class before, don't mistake 60-75 for a less rigorous workout than a 2hr+ shop ride. ++Mark.
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