Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: No we didn't, do over!

So, last Sunday we didn't ride after all. The combination of near freezing temps and heavy rain would have made it a dangerous option, plus be honest, how many would have shown up?

That Sunday has currently a 30% chance of rain, and the low is almost as high as last weeks high. So, game on unless it is indeed raining come the 8:15-8:30 time period. You can always check the weather here on

Dr. Laurie Buob from Austin Family and Sports Chiropractic says she'd like a do-over and will be along after the ride

So, last week, after cancelling on the ride, I eventually got out into the garage and for the first time since I moved to Austin, rode on my trainer. I bought one of the brand new LemOnd Revolution trainers. Although it's a wind rather than fluid trainer, which makes it the noisier sort, it's fantastic. You don't use a back wheel at all, and no riser needed for the front wheel. Just take off you rear wheel and drop the frame unto the trainer. The shop had one in stock when I was there the other day, and if you'd like one make sure you talked to Drew.

One tip if you are planning on using it with your old bike, don't order it with the rear cassette. My old 'Dale is really just my beater bike, it's a frankenstein bike despite the carbon frame. It's got a Shimano 9-speed group, with Shimano 105 parts, and some odd shifters. The cassette the Revoution came with was a 10-speed. Whoops, good job I had a spare.

Finally, January 23rd is our next Steiner ride, put it in your diary!

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