Monday, October 4, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: October

Just a quick heads up for the shop rides for the rest of the month.

Sunday, 10th. see all the rides go South. ACL is in town and both parking and road access will be difficult. South is the only route we know we can take for sure, even that will mean navigating a Police barricade to get up Dawson and coming back down. While the shop will be open over the w/e, parking will be difficult, maybe this is one of those times cycling down makes sense. I'll be away racing in Dallas at the Toyota Open Triathlon.

Sunday, 17th. This is the Austin 70.3 race day. We need over 100-volunteers for the bike course alone, and I need about 5 strong minded people to help me get approx. 5000 competitors and spectators from the expo/parking are over to the lake in just 3-hours. So there will be a no-drop ride only that Hugo will lead up Shoal Creek, but thats it. Please sign-up to volunteer here.

Sunday, 24th. Steiner Ranch Steak House ride. Firmly establishing itself as a popular ride amongst a core of shop riders, and a core of Steiner and north western based riders. Bring a change of clothes, some cash and enjoy half price brunch, a mimosa or two, a great view and your Sunday shop ride buddies! See you there.

Sunday, 31st. To be confirmed.

We had a number of issues this week that it would be good if people could be mindful of. The roads do get messy after heavy rain, please remember to bring your own tubes etc. for repairs. The ride escorts will help out where needed, but the best way to learn is to do it yourself.

For all the groups, but especially the Advanced group, when we are on longer rides and have either scheduled, or impromptu stops for water and to re-fuel, please try to bring just a few dollars cash with you. It's one thing for 30-lycra glad cyclists to suddenly appear at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, it's another thing entirely when half the group or more try to pay with credit cards for $1.89, $1.50 etc. It creates a lot of work in a short period for the staff. Lets be as friendly as we can. Besides, everyone knows a dollar bill makes a great tire boot if needed, so bring at least $3! ++Mark.


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